Umami Burger Is Bicoastal, Still Delicious

Great news for Los Angeles transplants in Gotham (like me!): Umami Burger — one of my favorite LA-based burger joints (the other two are Father’s Office and Stout) — made the move to NYC and opened its doors earlier this month.

The Umami original.

The Umami original.

I had first forced one of my New York friends to try the Umami truffle burger earlier this year when they had set up a booth at the Googa Mooga summer festival. The same friend and I went to their more permanent location on 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village last night. We were prepared for a wait, and that is exactly what we got. It was an hour and a half for a table for two or three people (half as long as the reported 3-hour waits on their yelp page). but luckily it is first-come-first-serve at the bar and we snagged three seats after only five minutes.

We ordered two truffle burgers, an original Umami burger, and a side of cheesy tater tots which, like at their other locations, are not on the menu but available to those who are in-the-know about this tasty treat. The food was just as good as I remembered, perhaps even better. The truffle burger (which is always my go-to) was incredibly flavorful with truffle cheese and truffle glaze, a soft, slightly sweet bun, and even though I ordered by burger medium, the meat was still juicy and delicious.

With a pretty great beer list and Bourbon cocktails and conversation served up by our bartender, Mike, all-in-all my first trip to NYC’s Umami was a success. I will definitely not be waiting for a table, though.


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