Chinese food gets a facelift at RedFarm

Pastrami eggroll at RedFarm

Pastrami eggroll at RedFarm

When my mom comes to visit, it’s always a time of great eating, drinking and overall indulgence. On her last night, I met her at RedFarm in the West village, a contemporary Chinese restaurant that has been highly touted by foodies.

After having just missed out at a private table, we were seated at the crowded community table, which we immediately found was to our benefit. The large group next to us advised on the dishes they had just finished enjoying, and a guy sitting next to us sitting solo offered us tastes of his lamb and vegetables and as a veteran of the restaurant, listed off the numerous “incredible” dishes.

Let me just say, the menu is fantastic. It’s broken up between starters, dim sum—which consists mostly of dumpling dishes—mains of meat, fish and vegetables, and rice and noodle dishes. It’s one of the few restaurants of which I wanted to try everything, and therefore makes me want to immediately come back to try more.

After much and back and forth on the menu items with my mom and the staff, we decided on the pastrami egg roll which I had read great things about about, pork and crab soup dumplings, wide rice noodles with BBQ duck and the fish special with chilis and mapo tofu.

While we waited, my mom had a Peak organic IPA (they have a pretty decent beer and wine menu, a full bar, sake and also make their own ice teas) and I sipped one of RedFarm’s $14 cocktails called Le Club Hot, made with jalapeño infused tequila which I am always a sucker for.

The pastrami egg roll came out quickly, and the crispy outside with tender meat inside was phenomenal. I’ve seen many restaurants add hybrid items to their menus recently, and it can often be hit-or-miss. I had the pork sticky buns the other night at Norther Spy Food Co. made with pork wrapped in a pastry with a turnip glaze, and let me tell you they tasted and looked like the sweet buns you’d order from a Cinnabon. Creative, perhaps. But ultimately disappointing.

The soup dumplings were another winning decision: the broth flavorful, the meat tender. The noodles were delicious and the roasted duck on top was what made this dish one to remember. And the fish was balanced nicely with red chilis, scallions, tofu in a delicious broth.

RedFarm lives up to the hype in my mind, and I will certainly be back to try as much as I can (until I have no more money to pay rent).


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