The best boozy slushies in NYC

It’s summer and there is nothing better than sitting at an outdoor bar sipping on some of the best boozy slushies in the city. It’s definitely my favorite type of cocktail, and I’m not ashamed to say that I drink these puppies year-round. In my days of foraying around NYC trying every frozen boozy drink I can find, I’ve come across some excellent libations. Here are my picks of the best boozy drinks in the boroughs:

Battery Harris: Frozen Dark and Stormy

This go-to cocktail at one of my favorite Williamsburg bars blends Goslings Black Seal Rum, lime juice and a Five Spice Ginger Reduction for some seriously smooth drinking.

Rocka Rolla: Coffee Thing

When I found out about this caffeinated frozen beverage, I though I had died and gone to heaven—and then proceeded to drink 3 of them in a row. Served in a Greek take-away cup, this spiked, sweet coffee-and-bourbon mix is blended to perfection and topped with crushed coffee beans. Need I say more? Oh, and they also serve bourbon slushies.

Connolly’s: Frozen Piña Colada

This is the perfect stop after a day at Rockaway Beach, when you’re sunburned and parched and only a tropical tipple will give you the energy to take the A train back to the city. The bartenders here pretty much only serve one thing during the summer months, and it’s the frozen Piña Colada. Only novices order it without a sinker or floater shot, so pony up.

Niagara: Frozen Margarita

The best thing about the frozen margaritas here is that each Niagara bartender serves them with a slight variation. Heavy-handed on the tequila, topped with extra cherries, or hung with plastic monkey drink decorations, these slushies are served up with love. The punk rock vibe and the occasional sighting of a NYC celebrity (hey Jimmy!) also makes them taste better.

151: Dazzle Ship

Walk into this dimly lit, low-ceiling bar for great cocktails and beer-and-shot combos, but don’t leave without trying the Dazzle Ship, a blend of cachaça, lillet rosé, pamplemouse, aperol, pineapple & lime juices. YUM.

Pearl’s Social & Billy Club: Paper Plane

I recently stopped by this cozy, neighborhood spot and ordered up the Paper Plane—a smooth mix of bourbon, amaro and aperol. This and the frozen Uncle Slushie make this Bushwick bar a sure bet for boozy slushie enthusiasts.


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